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The Introductory Session


To connect with some piece of writing, we must connect with the pen behind it.

This is what I believe and this is exactly the main reason why I am writing this introductory post to start off this journey of Brown Girl Says with you all. 

I’ve been trying to think of what to write in this post but all I got was that blank word sheet with no sign of a word on it. Seems like a bad writer’s block, eh? Or perhaps, a bad introductory sense?

I don’t really have the idea what it was but it was really unproductive and I was being hopeless about it. But then I reminded myself of the real essence of my idea. The reason behind the creation of this platform. And that was to bleed my heart out in front of you all and provide you with authentic content. So I guess that is what I am going to do now. 

Let's get started!

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As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for writing, life, books, music, and outdoors in general. As a kid, I used to read lots of books that my parents and my maternal uncles bought for me. Many of those books were above my level of understanding but I used to read them regardless. 

I won’t call myself a very bright student because anyone can be a bright student till 10th Standard, right? Or was I? I don’t know. You tell me. HAHA!

Tell Meeeee

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Soon after completing my 10th standard, I joined college and was reserved to just syllabus books because in our culture, Inter marks are everything. Therefore, I started running in that race as well (this is what my parents used to believe, though). As for me, I just came on this planet to be free. 

I used to take part in extracurricular activities a lot. My parents always promoted the culture of excelling both, studies and extracurricular. I used to win essay writing competitions till 10th grade. I was more of a book nerd/pen person and less of a stage person back then. So in college, I did the same and went for writing competitions. 

Later in my university, I decided to take up computer sciences as my major because in our culture, your hobby can’t be your major. My university started and I tried quite hard to adjust in my studies but when you get good grades by procrastination and studying just at the last night, you don’t really pay heed to the learning or stuff. 

I still was habitual of writing a journal which made me think of writing as a career. But it was like the last option because of “what will people say”. Soon after my studies, I got a somewhat relevant job to writing but not exactly writing. For a very select few it works out, but for me, this wasn’t the career path that I was meant to take. Even until this time, I hadn’t explored my genre of writing, and used to call myself a versatile writer, LOL. 

Silly me.

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So I did two internships in the same but left. Later on, got a job in the relevant field and kept on writing in different genres. I wrote several blog posts and documents. But then it came to me that this is not mainly what I wanted to do. Rather, I wanted to write about real stuff. I wanted to write about life, about feelings, about fashion, about relationships, about psychology, about everything that’s important to any normal person like me out there. 

That is the moment my friend gave me the idea of having my own space where I can write whatever I want to and connect with people because that is what matters to me the most, to connect with the public, both normally and on a deeper level. 

Say It.

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So here I am. Trying to connect with you all. I will be sharing lots of stuff that I’ve experienced in each genre of life and more. So tell me, are you willing to be a part of my BGS family? I am looking forward to your answers.