A Little About Me!

Hey! I’m Zareen Gull, the voice behind the pen of Brown Girl Says. Let’s have a brief introduction, shall we?
What would you like to know about me? Hmm! 🤔
Well, that was more of a rhetorical question since now that I am writing it, you aren’t able to talk to me yet.
Professionally, I belong to the tech industry, but the personal me is not so technical, rather a writer and an Empath. How it relates and more importantly, how it will help? My writings will speak for myself in this genre. 😍
I’ve been trying to find appropriate words to introduce my blog and me to you guys, but I was unable to find the right words for that. Today, while praying, it came to me that I should write what I actually want to convey to you guys? Is it some random information or what any brown girl experiences about the happenings around her? And the latter one is the right answer.
I am not here to only share that lifestyle blogging information with you guys; rather, I am here to talk to you all. I want to share my stories, the stories of so many empowered and beautiful people around me, and hear your stories in return. I want this blog to be a place where you find all your answers, which empowers you, which can be light in your dark times, and can make you laugh when you are not having the time of your life.
Yes, this is what it’s about. I want to quench your thirst for all those recommendations, the life advice, and all those things that you may need at any time because this is a place where I want to connect with all the beautiful people on a spiritual level.
Also, being a person from the middle class myself, I would love to share my fashion and beauty advice with you all that doesn’t make you get out of your comfort zone and, at the same time, make you look classier. As the Slogan of my blog goes, “Holding onto Culture with Class”.
Are you excited to hop onto this fun roller coaster with me?
Because I am. ❤️